And still there is talk of trams

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, FranciscoDelgado Bonilla, continues to talk of resurrecting the Great White Elephant, the ill-fated Tranvia tram system which cost €30 million and plunged the municipality into debt.

Suspension of tram system ruled legal

The Court of Contentious Administration Number 2 in Málaga has dismissed an appeal filed by the Partido Andalucista (PA) against the suspension of the tram system in Vélez-Málaga.

Tram still on the agenda

It is more than two years since the ill-fated Tranvia tram system ground to a halt in Vélez-Málaga, but the mayor, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, still apparently wants to see it running again.

Tram begins its journey to Sydney

This morning, the Vélez-Málaga tram has started its final journey, destination Sydney, Australia. The tram ceased functioning on June 4th 2012 and the Council has negotiated a €200,000 per year rental agreement with the city of Sydney.

Ultimatum over tram service

Vélez-Málaga Council has issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucia relating to the tram service in the municipality. The Council wants a swift response, within four to six weeks, to their proposal for the regional authority to assume 50% of the deficit and running costs of the tram system, otherwise the …

€448 million destined for metro and tram systems in Andalucia in 2013

The Junta de Andalucia may not be able to pay its current outstanding debts to educational establishments, charitable organisations, municipal corporations and companies or suppliers, but it proposing to spend €448.6 million on the metros in Sevilla, Málaga and Granada and the tram system in the Bahía de Cádiz.

Council studying offer to rent out the trams

The Council is studying an offer from an Australian city to rent the three trams currently sitting doing nothing in the town since the suspension of the tram service in June 2012.

Calls for reinstatement of tram service

The PA spokesman in Vélez-Málaga, Marcelino Méndez, has described the closure of the tram service as a ‘dismal failure’ and is calling for it to be reinstated, saying that from June to August the city has lost €77,000 as a result of the closure.

Public transport passenger numbers continue to decline

The Vélez-Málaga public transport system continues to lose passengers at an alarming rate, despite the cessation of the tram on June 4th and the fact that June through August are usually peak months for the use of public transport.

Removal of fins

Vélez-Málaga Council has started removing the ‘shark fin’ barriers running along the tram route. The tram stopped operating on June 4th and the fins are now considered a potential additional hazard to motorcycle riders.