WOW, in all senses

The gaming hobby of a political candidate has become an issue in the state senate race in New England, US, and Maine Republicans have created a webpage revealing that Democrat candidate Colleen Lachowicz plays an Orc rogue in World of Warcraft. The Republicans claim that Ms Lachowicz’s apparent liking for back-stabbing and poison in WoW raise questions about her ‘fitness …

USA no longer the fattest nation

The United States of America is apparently no longer the fattest industrialised nation on the planet, that dubious honour now falling upon Kuwait.

Making a splash

CCTV footage of Cathy Marrero failing to notice that she was walking straight into a fountain because she was too busy texting on her mobile phone has become a YouTube hit after being watched by 1.5 million people.

Morning chuckle

A bit of light relief as the United States State Department takes time out from trying to censor and silence an Australian individual who published information on his website and intimidating students who talk about it by announcing it will be holding a World Press Freedom Day. The State Department is apparently concerned about the determination of some governments to censor and …

Cheap trip

The US Presidential trip to the Indian city of Mumbai looks likely to cost a pretty penny according to some reports. The cost could reach €200 million. That’s per day, not for the entire trip.

Is ‘sorry’ enough?

The United States government has apologised for deliberately infecting hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis as part of medical tests carried out between 1932 and 1972….US sorry over deliberate sex infections in Guatemala… If any other country did this they would invade, instigate sanctions and cause a right fuss.

Beyond the headline

Mounties raiding two marijuana plantations near the US-Canadian border at Christina Lake were surprised to find 14 wild black bears roaming around freely, and quite contentedly, in the fields and had to proceed with caution. The bears, however, seemed to be quite tame and very used to humans and one even went and sat on a police car for a …

Assault video footage released

Despite objections by a defence lawyer, US prosecutors have released video footage of a police officer using what has been described as ‘excessive’ force against a 15 year old girl in a police holding cell. In the video, Deputy Paul Schene is seen kicking the girl, slamming her against a wall, grabbing her hair and then throwing her to the …

US executive salaries to be capped

US President Barack Obama has announced a ‘cap’ on executive pay for companies who are applying for government assistance, or ‘bail out’ money as it has become known. The President believes it is ‘shameful’ the way some firms, particularly banks, were awarding themselves huge bonuses at the same time as asking the government for money to keep them afloat.