USA no longer the fattest nation

The United States of America is apparently no longer the fattest industrialised nation on the planet, that dubious honour now falling upon Kuwait.

The rest of the world, particularly in the Pacific islands and the Middle East, has slowly been gaining on the US in the fatty stakes, partly due to a failure to adapt to the modern, sedentary lifestyle.

The latest data comes from an extensive country-by-country report on obesity prepared by the Imperial College London, Harvard University and the World Health Organization and published in The Lancet.

Europeans, particularly men, tend to be overweight according to this latest report and the data suggests that one in nine people in the world are now overweight, or obese, suggesting a new approach to nutrition and exercise is necessary.

I have just now amended my dinner order to a triple burger, triple french fries…and a diet coke. I will even open the door for the delivery man instead of using the remote. Feel fitter already.

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