Cancellation of vacations in Jaén

A rumour that firemen in Jaén were going to protest about salary cuts was enough to prompt the Council to issue a decree cancelling all vacations.

La Taberna

La Taberna, excellent tapas bar in calle Cristo, is currently closed for vacations, but should be open again at the beginning of February.

Cielito Lindo

The Mexican restaurant Cielito Lindo in calle El Barrio is now closed for vacations.


The highly popular cafeteria Jamaica on avenida Mediterraneo is closed for vacations until December 10th. Well, they are actually closed for holydays but we get the drift.

Made in Itali

The Italian restaurant Made in Itali on calle Merida is closed for vacations, reopens on December 22nd 2010.

Pata Negra

The Pata Negra in Plaza Marina is closed for vacations until December 2nd 2010.

Esquina Paulina

Esquina Paulina on calle Cristo is currently closed for vacations.

Paco Mari

Paco Mari on calle Gloria is closed for vacations.


The bar and restaurant Agape in calle Granada is closed for vacations.

Hotel Nerja Princess…

The Nerja Princess hotel on calle Los Huertos is currently closed for annual vacations.