Waste no time

The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull (try saying that even before you’ve had a drink) caused air chaos throughout the world. A little strange to have ‘air chaos’ when we are all stuck on the ground. Purists, of course, may argue that it is a little too early to be making jokes about the volcano and that we should at least wait …

Offer to help stranded visitors

This offer and information was received today and could be of interest to anyone who has become stranded as a result of the continuing volcanic ash situation in Northern Europe.

Volcano travel chaos

Eurostar’s 58 services were full yesterday, with more than 46,000 passengers on its trains. The company denied charges of ‘ profiteering’ after customers found they could not book £58 tickets online and, when they phoned to book, were told they were no longer available and charged more than £200. Eurostar said it did operate a system where prices rise and …

Volcano erupts near Tonga

Dramatic pictures as an underground volcano erupts close to the Tonga coast in the South Pacific Ocean.