Council take decisive action to clean up Nerja beaches

The Department of Beaches, in collaboration with the operating services of Nerja Town Council and the Civil Guard, carried out cleaning works on the Caleta de Maro beach towards the end of August, this being one of the many interventions carried out to this stunning beach. They continue to work at maintaining the quality of all the beaches along the coast and remind all users that beaches are public areas and that any kind of misuse will not be tolerated. Although not as well known as other beaches in the area, Caleta de Maro is a a smaller, attractive beach that draws kayakers and snorkellers as well as keen sunbathers.
  1. mairead mac namara says:

    I am wondering if Burriana beach is safe and clean to swim in at the moment and have the sewage works been carried out yet ? Thank you

  2. mairead mac namara says:

    Is Burriana clean and safe to swim in at the moment? Have the sewage w
    works been carried out there yet ? Thank You Mairead

  3. The water is dirty at Burriana. Almost noone is swimming in the sea. Does anyone know if there is any actionplan?

  4. I heard that the environmental agency said the ‘ frothy scum, seen in the water had been identified as a non-toxic and safe algae which could be stirred up by the wind into a brown foamy substance.

    They reckon it breaks down into a brown slime which can look like sewage.

    whatever it was, it did not look so good

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