Torrecilla beach, Nerja

Torrecilla beach, Nerja
A cold, windy day yesterday, although that didn’t stop many visitors from donning their shorts. Along with a thick jacket! With talk of potential damage to the beaches, and Torrecilla beach in Nerja always one to suffer, the best way to find out the state of play was to head down there with the camera.

I half expected the beach to be almost devoid of bathing area and with huge ridges near the promenade wall, the usual scenario whenever the weather is slightly on the inclement side. But it wasn’t.

Torrecilla beach, NerjaTorrecilla beach, Nerja

Torrecilla beach, Nerja

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In fact, as far as bathing area and evenness of the surface were concerned, it was the best I’d seen the beach for a long while. However, the actual level of the sand is below normal which does leave the odd pipe and bases of showers etc a bit exposed.

Just round the corner on El Chucho beach, where one upcoming project is the building of a promenade to connect Torrecilla with El Playazo, it was a slightly different story.

El Chucho beach, NerjaEl Chucho beach, Nerja

No real bathing area as such.

Wherever you go these days, however, you can’t escape the scribblers.

El Chucho beach, Nerja

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