Nerja, Feb11th 2008

The body of a 40 year old Nerjeño was found early on Monday morning by a local resident who was out walking.

A local resident was walking along the Almachares track at 8:15 on Monday morning when they spotted a vehicle in the ravine. Next to the vehicle was the lifeless body of 40 year old JM. P. CH., a resident of Nerja.

It is thought that the victim was thrown clear of the vehicle, a 4×4 Mitsubishi Montero, when it plunged twenty-five metres down the ravine, although the police do not have any clear idea of exactly what happened as there was little evidence, such as braking marks, on the road itself. Also, at this stage, it is not known when the accident occurred and could have been anytime within the past fortyeight hours.

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