Julie’s Place
Plaza Balcón de Europa
29780 Nerja

Julie's Place, Nerja

Julie’s Place is located in the corner of the Plaza Balcón de Europa, premises formerly occupied by Cafe Mandarina.

Oscar, a Cuban with a passion for Salsa, is your bubbly host at the front of the house and Julie rules the roost in the kitchen. The whole atmosphere of the place is warm, friendly and relaxed, just what you need.

Julie's Place, Nerja Julie's Place, Nerja

There are variety of dishes on offer including an extensive range of vegetarian tapas.

Julie's Place, Nerja Julie's Place, Nerja

There is a small terrace on the Plaza to complement the moderately-sized interior.  Julie’s Place is open from 18:00 each day except for Tuesday which is their day off.

Julie's Place, Nerja

  1. We have been here quite a few times. It is without doubt the best place in Nerja. Food superbe, atmosphere fantastic. Oscar is a gem, the only place in town were you get a salsa lesson with your drink. Julie is a fantasic cook the food is first class and a great vegitarian option. And to finish have a mojito! the best in town.

  2. I was staying in an apartment on the Balcon and decided to get take-away from Julie´s. It was totally vegetarian and extremely tasty. I had a glass of wine while I waited and so enjoyed the cozy, friendly atmosphere. I will certainly return.

  3. Susan J Caldwell says:

    Hi, we are going to Nerja next week. Can you tell me what vegan options you have available please. Thanks

    • barry says:

      Why are you asking a News Site, what vegan options are available at Julies ? Wouldn’t it be better to approach the restaurant ? I’ve seen people on Nerja News trying to book restaurant tables as well, amazing !

      • Lynne says:

        Barry, does it matter how people get in touch with the bars/restaurants mentioned?
        You come over as quite a bully.

        • ralph parker says:

          I agree with Lynne. Barry is turning into a bit of a troll on this site. Lighten up!

        • barry says:

          Yes, of course it does, how would Nerja Today have information about a particular rectaurant menu ? – I think it is inappropriate that you insult me – you should consider how you come across….

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