Potters Bar
Edif Miami
Calle Maria de Waard
29780 Nerja
Tel: 95 252 22 87

Potters Bar, Nerja Potters Bar, Nerja

Potters Bar, which changed hands in 2013, is located on the ground floor of Edificio Miami, just off calle Andalucia and very close to the Hotel Villa Flamenca.

Potters Bar, Nerja Potters Bar, Nerja

It is quite a spacious bar, well decorated and furnished and has a very friendly atmosphere.

Potters Bar, Nerja Potters Bar, Nerja

There is a pool table and a decent sized terrace.

Potters Bar, Nerja

  1. As a frequent visitor to Nerja, I am happy to report that Henry is back cooking at Potter’s. I have enjoyed his “campo” ribs over the years and I’m delighted to be able to eat them again. They are to die for. I also like the barbeque chicken breast with similar sauce. The bar is a bit tucked away near the Villa Flamenca hotel, but well worth a visit.

  2. A friendly little bar with a nice ambience. It is a good place to socialise with others British tourists, ex pats and second home owners. Drinks are very priced and staff are welcoming. In our opinion as the bar is only small far too much of the available space is taken up by the full sized pool table.

  3. Despite the recent much needed improvements, this is still a place you’re not likely to want to spend much time in. Dismal.

  4. Totally agree with mikkey d, no atmosphere,overpriced drinks, not very friendly staff,only want your money and cannot be bothered to chat.
    Will not bother with this place

  5. Michael Mc says:

    Sorry to say but I finally had to give up on this place. Always a bit boring, Potters has now turned into the worst type of ex pat bar – the “speak English or die” variety. People who don’t speak English are not made to feel welcome. Regulars seated at the end of the bar always complaining about “the Spanish”. I don’t think these people could find Spain on a map! Don’t waste your time here.

    • jaydee says:

      Got to agree. Boring little place with staff not making much effort to embrace visitors.

  6. I totally agree with michael mc, Potters has gone downhill drastically in these last few months,

  7. Sheila says:

    Got to agre with the latest comments, it has to be the worst bar in Nerjs, why anyone would want to spend five minutes in the place is beyond me when there are so many lovely places to chose from.

    No redeeming features whatsoever, just loudmouthed moaning Brits!

  8. Paul Scriven says:

    Often stay at Villa Flamenca and keep saying must try ‘Potters’……..after the mixed comments its now a must…lol

      • Paul Scriven says:

        This is brilliant marketing ‘Barry’ but will the worst patrons turn up,? or could it be a flop? and only nice folk like me and the wife and you ofcourse turn up?

  9. I too felt the need to check this bar out after reading all the bad reviews. I guess I must be some sort of masochist. Defo as bad as written. That 1 euro pint has been hanging around since the queens coronation. Awful in every way.

      • Los barriles,
        Better tapas, and they do not disrespect everybody that walks through their door!

      • mark says:

        get a life, its a little bit of England. but in Spain, down to earth British bar. outdoor areas one of the best,

        • Sheila says:

          I have a life thank you and it doesn’t revolve around visiting tacky Brit bars. I go to Spain to enjoy the Spanish culture, maybe you should too x

          • barry says:

            Sheila, su encantadora vida no debe incluir tanta negatividad y no deberías decirle la gente que disfruta y dónde ir – Mark puede disfrutar de lo que quiere y vaya donde quiere

  10. Barry,
    Todo el mundo tiene derecho a su opinion y en este caso,
    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con ella, lo que es un bar de
    mal gusto

  11. jeff holden says:

    Best quiz night in andalucia.Dave,the host is very genial and keeps perfect order.Paul and Kathy are excellent mine hosts,and it’s a rest good neet! Even the southerners talk to you!

  12. Just came back from Nerja, and decided to have a look at Potters to see what all the bad comments are about.
    I’m afraid I have to agree with most of them, off the beaten track, bar staff quite surly and at times quite rude to visitors, I am surprised this bar is still trading!.
    Will give this bar a miss in future!!

  13. Went there thirty five years ago with my mum, amazed it’s still there – definitely going again!

  14. Judy says:

    Did we go to the right Potters bar? Have the previous comments actually been there. Great atmosphere great staff all in all great place.

  15. Amanda says:

    Visited potters on Friday for fish and chips, great food, great music and a good atmosphere! The girls behind the bar were great, very attentive. Lovely Spanish girl and Kathy who runs the place made us feel very at home. Will definetly be back

  16. Henry says:

    Quiz Night.
    Is that still on? If so, what night and what time?

    I was a drop-in participant in October 2016 and had a great evening. The quiz was well-organized and people took it seriously but still had good fun with the competition.

  17. Since all the reviews are so out of date, here’s One for 2018. It’s winter so we are in the company of many nationalities escaping the cold elsewhere. Sundays are popular now since Kathy has found a way of funding professional musicians Diego Suarez, Jhonny (yes his choice of spelling!)Serrano and trumpeter Spike playing 2hrs of jazz through the afternoon. Though we’d normally pay 15€ when they play at the Casa de Cultura, here you pay 10€ which includes the music, a drInk and a hot snack-in-a-basket. Great service. Thanks Kathy.

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