Exhibition at the Sala Mercado, Nerja


On exhibit at the moment in the Sala Mercado, calle San Miguel, Nerja, is, amongst other things, the magnificent new ‘trono’ belonging to the Cofradia Jesus Cautivo y Maria Santísima de los Desamparados.

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In the entrance is one of the white ‘penitent’ outfits worn by the brotherhood during the Semana Santa (Easter/Holy Week) celebrations. They’re the ones reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan outfits.Penitent Robe

The exhibitions is well laid out and well worth a visit. There are ceremonial robes, crosses and loads of photographs and paintings from the past and present

Deco1 Deco2

Trono2 Robe

The centrepiece, of course, is the new Trono which will carry the Virgin Mary during the Easter parades. It is so new, in fact, that it still has its cellophane wrapper on!


Around the walls are numerous drawings by local children of all ages depicting various aspects of Semana Santa.


Well worth popping along for a visit.

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