The proliferation of the internet and new technologies, although hugely beneficial, does have its seedier side. A 21 year old in Málaga has just been arrested for the alleged ‘corruption of minors’.

The youth enticed young girls with the offer of a mobile phone, and which young person these days can resist the almost obsessional desire to have the very latest, ‘in’ mobile? All they had to do for the mobile was…..take off their clothes in front of a webcam! The youth then recorded the images.

Later, he would contact the girls again and threaten to publish the pictures on the internet unless they agreed to undress again and perform certain sexual acts.

The youth was traced and detained following a complaint by someone in Tarragona. However, when questioned, he admitted to have been carrying out his little scam since he was 15 years old and the police believe that, as this has been going on for six years, there must be quite a number of victims and they are asking people to come forward if they have also been blackmailed.

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