The Tranvia tram service between Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar is no stranger to controversy, and this time it’s the residents of calle Magallanes who are all set to cause a stir.

The Tranvia has been making a thumping loss and the mayor, Francisco Delgado, has already threatened to cut the service if the Junta de Andalucía does not help with the financing of the deficit which, he says, is crippling the municipality. Now, the residents of calle Magallanes are collecting signatures for a petition calling for the second stage extension of the Tranvia service to be halted.

They are concerned about their quality of life with trams passing within two metres of their balconies. This is not the first time, however, that residents of this area have had cause to complain about the tram system. In 2006, when construction of the service began, there were problems for both residents and businesses in the area due to vibration. Also, there were concerns expressed about safety as the tram does not occupy the centre of the road, but is right next to the pavement on the right hand side.

The residents do have a solution to the whole situation, namely to scrap the entire tram service and introduce a fleet of minibuses.

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