Urban bus service for Ronda

After years of pleas from residents, Ronda finally has an urban bus service which is being run by the joint venture company (UTE) of ‘Lara y López S. L.’, ‘Autocares Sierra de las Nieves S. L.’ and ‘Grupo Paco Pepe’.

The contract will cost Ronda €100,000 per year. The service operates three routes:

Line 1: Connects the Hospital and the San Franciso area, with 22 stops and a duration of thirty minutes.

Line 2: This covers the areas of Arenal 2000, La Planilla, El Fuerte and la Dehesa, with 25 stops and a duration of forty-five minutes.

Line 3: A circular route through Padre Jesús, Olivar de las Monjas and the El Fuerte industrial estate, with 16 stops and a duration of thirty minutes.

Three buses are currently being used and two have been adapted for use by the disabled.

A normal single ticket is €1 with reduced rates of €0.50 for those over 65 or disabled. A student ticket also costs €0.50 and children under four years travel free. There will be various discounted subscription rates available from the UTE offices or from the bus station.

There are also plans to launch an app where you can monitor the progress of the various buses.

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