How strange

A bit of a glitch at the UK iTunes Music Store! Song titles are regularly screened for profanities, with words being blanked out, but a glitch in the program has resulted in quite a few inoffensive titles, and names, being censored.

There is H*t by Avril Lavigne, Touch my B*m by the Cheeky Girls, Long H*t Summer by Girls Aloud, The Owl and the P***y Cat, I Thought I saw a P***y Cat by Danny Kaye and K****r Queen by Queen to name but a few.

Both J****y Cash and J****y Mathis have suffered name-wise, as has D**k van D**e (Dick van Dyke), who suffered twice.

The problem is being fixed, but the company is at a loss as to why some words, such as ‘hot’, became involved in the involuntary censorship.

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