Marbella steps up efforts to combat street drinking

The Local Police in Marbella are making a concerted effort to combat alcohol consumption by minors with nine officers now patrolling the streets where street drinking and the ‘botellón’ is popular and is a regular occurrence.

Between October 2007 and February 2008, the police have opened 709 files relating to the consumption of liquor on the streets, 59 of which relate to minors. The general procedure in the case of minors is to inform the parents of the fact that their offspring have been caught drinking on the streets and to warn them of the inherent dangers of their actions. Only in the case of persistent infringements or serious violations is further action taken which can involve a fine of up to €300.

The Local Police have also stepped up their efforts to eradicate retail drugs sales, particularly in the vicinity of schools. In this same period, nine youths between the ages of 14 years and 16 years have been detained, mostly relating to the consumption of cannabis.

Last year, the Delegación Municipal de Seguridad Ciudadana (Municipal Department for Public Safety) began a programme to ensure the safety of children in schools, with 60 monitors involved in the prevention of violence and truancy, improved road safety and the eradication of drugs sales in and around the schools.

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