Maro road still not repaired

MaroThe district mayor of Maro, Antonio Gallardo Vacas, held a press conference yesterday on the local road down to Playa Mareña which is still cut off as a result of the September 21st 2007 storms.

The district mayor is asking the Málaga Provincial Council to effect repairs as soon as possible. After the storms, the Provincial Council assumed responsibility for the repair of the road and a bridge as a matter of ‘high priority’, but nothing has so far been done.

The road is used by the local farmers as well as by those going to the beach and the Council has received numerous complaints. The alternative, temporary access route is via the riverbed but the authorities are concerned about the potential dangers of this route in the event of significant rainfall.

The matter is now on the agenda for the next plenary session of the Nerja Council later this month.

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