Nerja Councillor makes interesting revelation

The only business on El Playazo beach in Nerja actually in possession of a municipal licence is also the only one which has been forced to close.

El Playazo beach, the longest in Nerja, is home to a small number of local businesses, such as bars, restaurants and boatyards. Three months ago, a parking area for camper vans and caravans, became the latest business in the area. However, the activities of this ‘campsite’ were denounced by the opposition PSOE as the land is designated as agricultural and the Nerja Council ordered the facility to close.

In a radio interview, the Nerja Councillor for Tourism, José Miguel Garcia, has indicated that none of the businesses along El Playazo beach has ever applied for a municipal licence. Except for one, that is, the new camper van and caravan park. And that facility was forced to close three days ago following a denuncia made by the opposition PSOE party.

José Miguel García explained that the Council does not act ‘ex officio’ in such cases, only when a complaint is made by a third party, in this case the PSOE. He added that the businesses on El Playazo, such as the boatyards, provide avaluable service to the community.

After listening to the radio interview, the leader of the opposition PSOE, Ángel Ramirez, has called for the resignation of the Councillor for Tourism on the grounds of ‘complete negligence’. Ramirez also asked the question, ‘if the parking area was the only one with a licence, why close it?’…..hellooooo, because you yourself denounced it, maybe!!…..

Th IU have also called for the resignation of the Councillor for Tourism for ‘negligence’ in actually admitting that none of the businesses had licences.

Has a can of worms been opened here? The Department of Costas wanted to expropriate the lands along El Playazo but the Nerja Council opposed this idea, instead deciding to compensate the owners with preferential building concessions elsewhere. If the whole thing turns out to be illegal anyway…..And could we see a spate of denuncias requiring all the businesses to close?

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