El Playazo promenade project reactivated

Talks have reportedly resumed between the authorities in Rincón de la Victoria and Nerja and the Department of Coasts to resolve outstanding issues and begin the construction of planned promenades in the shortest time possible.

Investment of €1,019,000 for improvements to El Playazo beach

The mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armjo, has announced that the Málaga provincial Council and the Ministry of Environment will be investing a total of €1,019,000 for improvements in Nerja, specifically in the area around El Playazo beach.

Out and About December 31st 2014…

Quite warm in the sun, but bitterly cold in the shade. But warmer outside than inside at the moment, as is usually the case at this time of year.

Council rejects El Playazo promenade project

Nerja and Torre de Benagalbón belong to the minority of coastal resorts not overrun with promenades, but both were awaiting such projects being prepared by the Department of Coasts.

Pepe Mesa has closed

Pepe Mesa has called it a day on El Playazo beach and is now closed. The rest of the bars, still under threat of hefty fines, are likely to close by the end of the year.

As it turned out…

Perhaps the forecast was for rough seas, causing the postponement until September of the rowing regatta, but the reality was almost flat-calm seas.

Debris from San Juan

The Councillor for Beaches has reported that hundreds of nails have been collected from El Playazo beach by the municipal cleaning department following the Noche de San Juan celebrations, the result of anti-social behaviour according to the Councillor.

Extended viewing period for El Playazo plan

The public exhibition of the plans for the development of El Playazo beach, due to end on April 28th 2014, has been extended for one month because of the great importance of this project for the municipality.

Everyone enjoying the calm sea…

Absolutely glorious day…flat calm sea…was 28 degrees plus…and quite a few (20+) of these off El Playazo beach.

Plan to develop El Playazo to be approved

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has announced that the next full Council meeting will see the approval of a draft expedient relating to the land between the rio Chillar and rio Seco and Camino de Enmedio, which will reclassify the land, an area of 1,131,051 square metres, as zoned and suitable for development.