Council rejects El Playazo promenade project

Nerja and Torre de Benagalbón belong to the minority of coastal resorts not overrun with promenades, but both were awaiting such projects being prepared by the Department of Coasts.

In Nerja this relates to the proposed promenade at El Playazo beach. However, and to the surprise of the Department of Coasts, both town Councils have rejected the completed projects out of hand.

Nerja Council and the Association of Employers (AEN) have both rejected the project as it calls for €2 million of the budgeted €8.6 million costs to come from municipal coffers.

In addition, the Council points out that the project does not take into account the two boatyards at El Playazo where some 500 craft are located. The project does not include provision for alternative locations for the boatyards.

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