Discounted parking subscriptions for motorcycles in Málaga

The Málaga Councillor for Mobility, Raúl López, has announced the introduction of discounts of up to 80% on subscriptions for the parking of two-wheeled vehicles in municipal car parks.

The facilities involved in the scheme are Alcazaba, Andalucía, Camas, Carlos Haya, Cervantes, Cruz de Humilladero, El Palo, Salitre, San Juan de la Cruz and Tejón y Rodríguez.

There are discounts on all types of subscriptions and these range from 2.44% to 83.40%. The Council had been carrying out a three-month trial of new secure facilities for motorcycles, during which time the system was free.

The idea is to encourage two-wheeled transport as well as improving secure parking for such vehicles.

The subscriptions are available as from December 1st and can be obtained at any of the parking facilities listed earlier or via the SMASSA. Anyone requiring more information should call 952060104.

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