Nerja market

The Nerja councillor responsible for markets, José Miguel Jimena, is asking the local market traders to at least try to set up at the new site in Almijara.

The market traders have so far refused to set up their stalls at the new site in Almijara, saying the area is too small and congested. The councillor is asking them to at least give it a go rather than just continue refusing and complaining when then they have not actually tried it yet.

The Council is equally adamant that the new site is eminently suitable for the purpose and much larger than the old area. Whilst accepting that the traders have every right to voice their concerns, they say that they must realise that there really is no choice as there are no other options available.

Under the new municipal ordinance covering street traders, the Council would be able to revoke the licences of stallholders if they do not set up for business next Tuesday.

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