Maro beach road improvements completed

The Ministry of Environment has completed renovations to the access road to Cañuelo beach in Maro at a cost of €162,000.

Road traffic (namely cars) to El Cañuelo beach was banned in 2002 as part of a scheme to preserve the local environment, the whole Maro-Cerro Gordo being a protected area due to its unique ecological system. A bus service was then introduced for those who did not fancy the long, steep descent (or seemingly steeper return journey!) to the beach.

Last year, between June and September, 12,507 people made use of the bus service, and this year, from July 16th to July 31st, the figure was 3,733.

The road has been resurfaced, there are barriers installed as well as a drainage system for when it rains. Future plans include a pipeline running the length of the road, 1,358 metres, to carry drinking water and water for showers on the beach.

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