ETA plants 3 bombs in Málaga

ETA has detonated two small bombs in Málaga, one in the city itself and one in Benalmádena Marina. A third device, also very low power, was deactivated by the security forces.

None of the devices caused any injuries and material damage was minimal.

At 10:35, the Fire Brigade received a phone call warning that three devices had been placed in Málaga, one on Playa de Guadalmar, one in Benalmádena Marina and one at km 232 on the A7 motorway between Málaga and Torremolinos.

Bomb number one exploded just after 13:00 on the Guadalmar beach, a few metres from the Hotel Tryp. There were no bathers on the beach at the time.

Bomb number two exploded two hours later, at 15:00, in the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena. The device had been placed between two local nightclubs, close to the underground car park.

The third bomb, on the A7 motorway, was found by units of the Guardia Civil and was deactivated.

There were no injuries as a result of the explosions and material damage was said to be minimal. The authorities are now analysing the devices used in order to ascertain the composition and power of the bombs.

Andalucía continues on alert status 2 for possible terrorist attacks during the summer holiday period.

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