Two ETA members arrested in London

Police in the UK, collaborating with the Spanish national Police, have arrested two ETA members, Antonio  Troitiño Arranz and Ignacio Lerín Sánchez. With the new arrests, a total of five wanted ETA members have been detained in the past week.

Two top ETA members arrested in France

The head of military recruitment for ETA, Oroitz Gurruchaga Gogorza, and his deputy, Javier Aramburu Sagarminaga, were arrested in France on Sunday. Both men were armed.

ETA member arrested in France

French police in Urruña have arrested alleged ETA member Ernesto Prat Urzainqui, on the ‘most wanted’ list since 2008.

Spaniards sceptical about ETA

A survey amongst Spaniards indicate that 57.4% think it ‘unlikely’ or ‘not likely’ that ETA will end its terrorist activities after the (latest) declaration to permanently cease armed activity.

ETA member arrested in Belgium

The Belgian authorities, collaborating with the Spanish police, have arrested ETA member Ventura Tomé Queiruga who is wanted for the fulfillment of two sentences relating to attacks carried out in the eighties.

Eta announces ‘definitive cessation’ of armed campaign

The Basque separatist organisation Eta says it has called a ‘definitive cessation’ to its campaign of bombings and shootings and has called on the Spanish and French governments to respond with ‘a process of direct dialogue’.

ETA fugitive detained in France

The French authorities in San Juan de Luz have detained ETA member Josu Esparza Iraizoz who had been on the run since January 18th 2011. Josu Esparza Iraizoz was the public face of Askatasuna in Navarra, responsible for organising press conferences, demonstrations amongst other things.

Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Troitiño

Just one week after ordering the release from prison of convicted ETA member Antonio Troitiño, responsible for over 20 assassinations, the High Court has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Two ETA suspects arrested in Guipúzcoa

Guardia Civil officers have arrested two brothers in Legorreta, Guipúzcoa, on suspicion of being part of an ETA logistics unit responsible for distributing weapons and explosives within the organisation.