ETA member arrested in France

French police in Urruña have arrested alleged ETA member Ernesto Prat Urzainqui, on the ‘most wanted’ list since 2008.

Prat fled to France in the summer 2008 after a police operation against EKIN, a political organisation in Navarra.

The detainee was born in Berriozar, Navarra on September 25th 1978 and was a militant left-wing nationalist and rose to number three in the lists of the Acción Nacionalista Vasca (ANV) in the municipality of Baztán in 2007.

Prat is the fourth ETA member to be arrested since the new PP government took office. The other three detainees, Etxeberría Oiarbide, Íñigo Sancho Marco and Rubén Rivero Campo, were also detained in France.

All were armed and materials for making explosive devices were found in their possession, suggesting that ETA is trying to rebuild its logistic system despite the declaration of an end to violent conflict.

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