More ETA arms caches uncovered

The authorities in France have so far discovered seven ETA hideouts, the latest containing over 300 kilos of explosives.

More ETA explosives discovered in France

Police in France have so far discovered three ETA hideouts following the arrest earlier this week of three ETA members, Alberto Machaín Beraza, Aitzol Etxaburu and Andoni Sarasola.

ETA explosives cache

Police in France have discovered an arms cache linked to the three ETA members arrested at a ski resort yesterday, and in it they found a mass of explosives and detonators.

Bombs rock Palma

Three bombs have so far exploded in Palma on the island of Majorca, the latest at around 18:30. A warning was given before the first explosions.

Wanted for questioning

The authorities have published the photos and names of six ETA members who have crossed the border from France into Spain during the past few weeks.

Burgos bomb blast

The number of people injured in the bomb blast in Burgos early this morning has reached 54, although none of the injuries are serious. However, the authorities consider it a miracle that there were no fatalities in the incident.

46 injured in Burgos bomb blast

A bomb blast early this morning outside the Guardia Civil barracks in Burgos has left 46 people suffering minor injuries.

Bomb attack in Durango, Vizcaya

At just after midnight last night, a powerful explosion damaged the headquarters of the PSE-EE in Durango, Vizcaya. The attack is thought to be the work of ETA.