Bomb attack in Durango, Vizcaya

At just after midnight last night, a powerful explosion damaged the headquarters of the PSE-EE in Durango, Vizcaya. The attack is thought to be the work of ETA.

The device, which was in a box inside a plastic bag, was placed at the door of the PSE-EE headquarters in calle Astxiki at around 23:00 by a hooded individual. A local resident noticed the incident and immediately called the police.

Police cordoned off the area and evacuated people from the nearby buildings. A robot device was then used to locate the bomb but the bomb exploded before it could be neutralised. The damage to the building was quite extensive and firefighters remained in the area all night as it was thought that the blast could have damaged gas pipes and caused a leak.

The area remained cordoned off all night. There are no reports of any personal injuries in the incident. The fate of the robot is unknown at the present time.

Due to the potency of the bomb, suspicion has fallen upon ETA as the perpetrators of the attack. There have been five previous attacks on the headquarters of the PSE-EE in the Basque Country since the end of the last ETA ‘truce’.

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