ETA member Javier Atristain Gorosabel in custody

Suspected ETA member Javier Atristain Gorosabel, who fled from Spain after the dismantling of the ‘Imanol’ command in February, is in custody at the French airport of Biarritz.

Three more ETA members detained in France

Three more ETA members, including one of the top leaders, have been arrested in France bringing the total number of ETA members detained so far this year to thirty-two.

Two more ETA members detained

Police in Vizcaya have arrested two suspected ETA members thought to be connected to the bombing of the Guardia Civil barracks in Calahorra, La Rioja, in 2008.

ETA suspects remanded in custody

National Court judge Ismael Moreno has ordered the four ETA members detained in Hernani and Segura (Guipúzcoa) on Monday to be remanded in custody.

More suspected ETA members arrested

Two suspected ETA members have been arrested in Camprodon, Girona, near the border with Spain. A third person managed to escape custody.

Three more ETA related arrests

Three people have been arrested for their alleged connection with suspected ETA terrorist Ibai Beobide Arza who was detained on Saturday while out on his bicycle.

ETA suspect detained in Guipúzcoa

Suspected ETA terrorist Ibai Beobide Arza, linked to a bomb attack in Bilbao in December 2008, has been arrested in Guipúzcoa.

500 kilos of explosives found in Portugal

Police in Portugal have found a total of half a ton of explosives, mostly ammonium nitrate, and numerous bombs ready for use in the house in Obidos which was, until very recently, occupied by two suspected ETA members.

ETA in Portugal

Portuguese police have found an apartment in Obidos which is thought to have been used by members of ETA. Explosives and other materials were found on the premises.