ETA possibly linked to shooting in France

A French gendarme was seriously injured on Saturday in a shooting incident with suspected ETA members in the central French department of Creuse.

Four ETA suspects detained in France

Four ETA members have been arrested in France, including Alejandro Zobaran Arriola, described as the new military chief of the Basque separatist organisation.

ETA ceasefire

The announcement of a general and permanent ceasefire by ETA has been greeted with widespread scepticism by many in Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has said the announcement by the separatist group does not go far enough.

Another explosives cache discovered

Guardia Civil officers have uncovered an ETA arms cache in the Puyo district of San Sebastian following a declaration made by one of three suspected ETA memebres arrested last Wednesday.

ETA ceasefire announcement viewed as ‘insufficient’

The Minister of Development and Deputy Secretary General of PSOE, José Blanco, has been the first member of the Government to comment on the ETA ceasefire announcement, saying that there was ‘nothing positive’ in the statement.

ETA declares ceasefire

In a video obtained by the BBC in the UK, the armed Basque separatist organisation ETA has announced a ceasefire. The Spanish government is still analysing the announcement and the situation.

Police detain alleged ETA assassin

Ertzaintza, the Basque police, have arrested alleged ETA members Gurutz Aguirresarobe Pagola and Aitziber Ezkerra Segurajauregi in the town of Hernani, Guipúzcoa.

Four ETA members detained on France

Four members of ETA, including one man thought to be involved in the shooting of a French Gendarme, have been detained by the French Police in collaboration with the Guardia Civil.