ETA declares ceasefire

In a video obtained by the BBC in the UK, the armed Basque separatist organisation ETA has announced a ceasefire. The Spanish government is still analysing the announcement and the situation.

In a statement read out by one of three masked individuals seated in front of a Basque flag, it was declared:

Eta confirms its commitment to finding a democratic solution to the conflict

It is not yet clear whether this is a temporary or permanent ceasefire. Past temporary ceasefires have always ended in bloodshed. Controversial peace talks in 2006 ended after an Eta bomb killed two people at Madrid airport.

ETA, who have killed over 800 people in the past forty years, have suffered a number of setbacks recently, with numerous high-level members being arrested in both Spain and France.

The Spanish government has stated that it will only negotiate with ETA if they renounce violence.

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