Richard Gere spotted filming in Andalusia


The 69-year-old American actor Richard Gere was spotted Friday walking around the town of Camas in between takes for the filming of an upcoming BBC series. The star of Hollywood blockbusters, An Officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Woman was seen with his expecting Spanish actress wife, Elena Anaya who is also in the new drama titled MotherFatherSon. Written and …

BBC to film in Nerja in August

The BBC will be recording several episodes of a children’s programme in Nerja, probably on August 2nd and 3rd. The programme, called ‘Woolly and Tig’, features a four year-old girl, Tig, and her toy spider, ‘Woolly’.

New season of Springwatch

The new season of Springwatch has begun on the BBC with the usual selection of cameras in nests and interesting sightings and reports. You can also catch up with the shows, watch live webcams etc on the BBC site: Springwatch

And now we know

The Open University’s engineering department has, at the request of the BBC’s More or Less programme, fired up its labs to try to answer what is probably one of the most burning questions in the world today, How tall can a Lego tower get?

ETA declares ceasefire

In a video obtained by the BBC in the UK, the armed Basque separatist organisation ETA has announced a ceasefire. The Spanish government is still analysing the announcement and the situation.

New species discovered in Papua New Guinea

Amazing to think that we are still discovering new species of animals on our own planet. A BBC team exploring a remote volcano in Papua New Guinea has come across, amongst other things, a giant woolly rat, fanged frogs and a grunting fish. The rat, which is the size of a cat, has probably had no previous contact with humans …

Living the high life in Monaco

Interesting blog on the Monaco Grand Prix from Jake Humphrey, nice insight. First time I’ve read it but maybe worth following. Seems to have a good sense of humour which adds flavour to the blog…Living the high life in Monaco….

Can’t be helped

Headline: Bird convicted over glass attack Was probably just a cheep shot, nothing to crow about.

Digging up news

Something catching they eye, totally out of context, can be amusing: Local tribesmen told the BBC that they were killed by bombs dropped by the Pakistani air force, which was targeting militants in the neighbouring region of Orakzai.