Authorities urge continued vigilance

The Ministry of Interior and the Basque Department of Interior are urging continued ‘vigilance’ in the wake of recent arrests of suspected ETA terrorists.

Explosives cache discovered in Alicante province

An oil drum discovered near Confrides, Alicante, was found to contain around 10 kilos of explosive materials and other bomb making paraphernalia, such as detonators and timers.

Wounded ETA member at French hospital

A man turning up at a French hospital this morning for treatment to a wounded hand was discovered to be an ETA member. The security forces are currently trying to figure out his identity and how he came to be wounded.

Another ETA hideout found in France

The security forces in France continue to discover ETA hideouts in the south of the country, fourteen of them so far in a little over one week.

More ETA hideouts discovered in France

French security forces have uncovered two new ETA hideouts, making nine in total so far since the arrest of three suspected ETA members last Wednesday.