46 injured in Burgos bomb blast

A bomb blast early this morning outside the Guardia Civil barracks in Burgos has left 46 people suffering minor injuries.

The explosion occurred at 04:00 outside the Guardia Civil barracks, the device being placed at the rear of the building in calle Jerez. There was no warning received.

The blast left a huge crater in the street, caused damage to fourteen floors of the building and left 46 people, including 5 children, with injuries, mostly minor cuts and bruises. Several of the wounded were taken to the Hospital General Yagüe for treatment.

Members of the Grupo de Intervención Psicológica en Desastres y Emergencias (Psychological Intervention Group) were also on hand to help families deal with the shock of the situation.

At this stage, it is thought that the bomb was located in a vehicle, possibly a van and was designed to do extensive damage. Although there was no trademark warning given before the explosion, the authorities believe the bomb was the work of ETA.

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