Eta announces ‘definitive cessation’ of armed campaign

The Basque separatist organisation Eta says it has called a ‘definitive cessation’ to its campaign of bombings and shootings and has called on the Spanish and French governments to respond with ‘a process of direct dialogue’.

If it really does happen, this would bring an end to Eta’s 40 year campaign of violence, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 800 people.

In September 2010 Eta announced a decision not to carry out further attacks and in January this year, it declared a permanent and ‘internationally verifiable’ ceasefire. Although numerous ceasefires declared in the past have generally been for the purpose of reorganising and re-arming, most people think that this time is different.

Eta has been severely weakened in the past couple of years following anti-terrorist crackdowns in both Spain and France, with many of the top leaders now in prison.

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