Driver in calle Larios incident was ‘disturbed’

The final toll in the incident in Málaga yesterday when a driver entered a pedestrian street at full speed was 12 people injured, two of whom are in a critical condition in hospital.

At around 14:00, a car entered Plaza de la Constitución and then sped off down calle Marqués de Larios, mowing down all in its path. Eight of the injured required hospital treatment and two, a 42 year-old German tourist and a 62 year-old Italian, were admitted to the intensive care unit of Carlos Haya Hospital with severe head injuries and are both in critical condition.

The German woman was hit twice in the incident, once as the driver sped down calle Marqués de Larios and again as he returned the same way.

The driver of the offending vehicle was a 42 year-old former Guardia Civil officer, initials A.B.M., who is apparently undergoing psychiatric treatment and has a background of intentional homicide. He was detained at the scene and, after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the Hospital Civil, has since been charged with attempted murder and a crime against road safety.

The driver was breathalised after the incident but the test proved negative. The security forces had to form a security cordon around the driver after his detention in order to prevent an angry crowd attacking and lynching him.

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