Shooting in Puerto Banus

A 30 year old British man was seriously injured yesterday after a shooting incident in Puerto Banus, the third shooting incident in the Marbella area within the past month.

The incident happened at 19:30 on calle Ramón Areces. It is thought that the victim, from Liverpool, had apparently been waiting for someone for several hours in one of the crowded cafés in the area. Then, as he was about to get into his car, a man approached on foot and the two men talked for several minutes before the air was filled by the sound of gunfire.

Five shots were fired. The victim suffered at least two gunshot wounds, one in the eye and one in the arm. The assailant, also believed to be British, then calmly walked to a car which was waiting for him and made his getaway.

The victim was transferred to hospital where his condition is described as ‘serious’. It is thought that the shooting was another case of ‘settling of accounts’.

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