Eagle Aquaduct

In response to the Department of Culture’s request for the Nerja Council to ‘get a move on’ with the project to renovate the Eagle Aquaduct, the Council says that it is the Department of Culture who are actually causing the delay.

The Department of Culture stated that, because the monument is owned by the Nerja Council, it is the Council who need to initiate proceedings. They point out that the Heritage Act (Ley de Patrimonio) dictates that the renovation of ‘items of cultural interest’ (BIC’s) are the responsibility of the owner.

The Council state that, although the monument is municipally owned, they cannot do anything without the permission of the Department of Culture.

The spokesperson for the Council, José Miguel García, has suggested to the Cultural Delegate, Francisco López, that a meeting be arranged between the three interested parties, namely the Council, The Department of Culture and the Larios Sugar Company.

The Department of Culture say they are pleased that the Council wishes to pursue the project and would be delighted to attend such a meeting.

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