Youth Card extension

In a pioneering initiative, the Andalucían Youth Institute has extended the upper age limit for the Youth Card from 25 years to 30 years.

The card entitles the holder to discounts of up to 50% on numerous items in 41 countries, such as cinema and theatre tickets, museum entrance, sports facilities, accommodation and driving lessons. In Málaga, the card entitles the holder to free entry into the Picasso Museum amongst other things.

The card is now available for everyone between the ages of 14 years and 30 years. Basically, anyone born or resident in Andalucía can apply for the card which involves filling in a form, providing a copy of your DNI and the payment of €6.

More information and online applications:

You never know, a few more extensions and it may be possible to go through life at a discount, going straight from a Youth Card to a Seniors Card!

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