Bars, shops, santas and swifts…

Nerja, Kids R UsBar Martín, which was bulldozed to the ground the other day, was actually one of the oldest buildings in Plaza de la Ermita. The site doesn’t cover a very big area at all but the plans are to build offices and living accommodation.

Kids R Us on avenida Castilla Perez, opposite the San Miguel school, is selling nearly new kids clothes and accessories.

Bar 19 is one to add to the list of WiFi bars….Wifi Bars. If anyone comes across any others not on our list, do let us know.

The estate agent in avenida Castilla Perez, almost on the corner with calle El Barrio, which specialised in Moroccan properties has moved to calle Antonio Millón and in its place will be an establishment called ‘Wines and Delights’. Now you know….They are still busy working on the insides, but it looks like it will be ready fairly soon.

And everyone will no doubt be delighted to learn that one of the local Oriental emporia has already installed the life-sized ‘singing Santa’. This smirking object serenades you with Jingle Bells Rock while wiggling it’s pelvis like a demented Elvis. Just so no-one has to miss out on such a festive delight, I will try and video him!

It’s fascinating to watch the swifts as they make their way down the street each day, flitting from building to building to catch their breakfast. They swoop in, hover for a few seconds, and then off again. And they are certainly not afraid.

I was actually standing on the balcony this morning when they arrived at our building and I was amazed when they swooped in and did their hovering bit no more than 15cms in front of me, seemingly looking me straight in the eye. And not just once, but several times before they moved on to next door. The first one probably thought I was some sort of giant mutant fly, the next one arriving to confirm the theory ‘cos he didn’t believe the stories he’d heard.

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