Bad day for a robbery

Comic capers in Málaga as a thief attempted to rob the Mas supermarket in Carril de la Chupa.

The robber parked his getaway scooter outside the supermarket and, keeping his crash helmet on to try and hide his face and brandishing a knife, entered the premises and proceeded to the checkout. Once at the checkout, he demanded the contents of the till.

However, the girl at the checkout refused point blank to hand over any money. Not to be thwarted, the robber decided the only course of action was to take the entire till. He grabbed it and made his way to the door, whereupon a customer hit him over the head with a shopping basket, causing him to not only drop the till, but also the keys to his getaway vehicle.

He tried to go back to gather up some of the loot, and the keys, but was confronted by both customers and supermarket staff, so decided to flee.

Unfortunately, of course, he had lost the keys to his scooter and, because it was registered in his name, he couldn’t just leave it outside the shop so he made his escape pushing it down the road!

Needless to say he was later apprehended by officers of the law. The thief was apparently also responsible for two earlier, more succesful, robberies as well as being possibly implicated in another half a dozen!

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