Torrox businessmen demand permanent solution to beach erosion

Businessmen in Torrox have been meeting to discuss their strategy regarding the continuing problems on the local beaches due to the perpetual erosion of sand.

The businessmen, particularly those with bars or restaurants along Ferrara Playa, have had enough of the unfulfilled promises from the Department of Coasts regarding a permanent solution to the erosion problem.

If you walk down Ferrara Playa, you can see the protest banners which have been in place for quite some time.

The Department of Coasts has once again announced that it will be shipping in sand before Easter to patch things up, but the businessmen say this is totally inadequate, a waste of money and are threatening to not allow this replenishment to take place.

In 1994, the local businessmen blocked roads in the area in protest at this ‘patch it up’ approach to coastal management. They want to see the construction of jetties, or breakwaters, to solve the problem once and for all.

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