Fatality on Ferrara beach

A 71-year-old woman collapsed and died on Sunday afternoon on the promenade at Ferrara beach, Torrox Costa, apparently the result of a heart attack.

Renewal of lighting along the promenade

Torrox Council is investing €383,338 in improvements to lighting on the promenade at Ferrara Playa between Punta del Faro y and arroyo del Mascuñar.

Shell found on Torrox Costa beach

A fisherman discovered an unexploded mortar shell from the Spanish Civil War close to Ferrara Playa in Torrox Costa.

Mayor of Torrox visits Madrid to discuss beach erosion

The Mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), was in Madrid on Friday to meet with the deputy general for Coast Protection, Ángel Muñoz, to once again request action to permanently stabilise Ferrara Playa to prevent the constant erosion, suggesting that the project could be carried out in phases.

Torrox Costa beach restoration

The Department of Coasts has once again finished restoring Ferrara Playa in Torrox Costa, the beach having been virtually destroyed during various winter storms. Lifeguards will be present on the Torrox beaches as from July 1st. See how long it lasts this time.

Sand lorries return to Torrox Costa

The sand lorries have returned to Torrox Costa once more to dump thousands of kilos onto Ferrara Playa, badly damaged, as usual, by storms.

Department of Coasts defends its beach policy

In response to criticism relating to the recent replenishment of sand on Ferrara Playa beach in Torrox Costa and its almost immediate disappearance, the Department of Coasts has defended its action saying that when the stormy weather subsides, much of the sand will return.