Vélez-Màlaga Council studying possibility of an equestrian centre

Monterrey finca, a 143,466 square metre property, was purchased by Vélez-Màlaga Council in 2005, the idea then being to build 220 homes for young people. The property was listed as rustic in the PGOU (all hail and genuflect) and efforts to get it reclassified have failed.

Now, the Council is studying the possibility of turning it into an equestrian centre, the people of the municipality being rather keen on equines. It would also serve as a tourist attraction or centre.

Things are still just at the ‘idea’ stage, with studies being proposed to analyse the viability of such a project. There would be an area where locals could stable their horses, space for exhibitions and festivals pertaining to horses and maybe even a rustic hotel with stables attached.

All pie in the sky at the moment, but it sounds like a very good idea and hopefully it may one day come to fruition.

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