Last minute changes to planned infrastructure projects

balconnerjajan20-002The Council has made a very last minute change to the way it is intending to spend part of the €3.6 million received under the Plan Estatal de Inversión Local, or ‘Plan Zapatero’ as it is widely known.

The money from the Plan Zapatero is be to given to local authorities for infrastructure projects. In December, the Council submitted a list of 25 projects it was intending to carry out, but now, one day before the deadline, one major item has been removed from the list and four others added in its place.

Work on repaving the central area of the Balcón de Europa, estimated at €406,000, is no longer to be carried out with funds from Plan Zapatero. Instead, four other projects have been added. These are:

  1. A parking area to the north of the Enrique López Cuenca Sports Stadium (€211,640).
  2. Completion of the access to the Enrique López Cuenca Sports Stadium (€115,045.32).
  3. Improvements to the open air swimming pool at the Enrique López Cuenca Sports Stadium (€42,999.99).
  4. Renovations to the area arounf the Colegio Nueva Nerja (€36,314.68).

The reason given for dropping the repaving project is that such works would take place during the summer and would present a poor image to the tourists.

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