From Calahonda to Carabeo

nerjafeb14-019It is to be hoped that all the recent talk amounts to something and results in a reopening of the Paseo de Los Carabineros, the former walkway connecting the Balcòn de Europa with Burriana beach.

It was closed, or at least parts of it were, some six years ago after bad weather caused rockslides. There have been no further rockslides and the talk is of either strengthening the cliff face or moving the walkway a bit further towards the sea.

It was a very pleasant way of getting to Burriana beach, a bit up and down with a number of stepped sections, but no traffic and a more direct route.

However, certain sections are still usable, which means you can still get from Calahonda beach to Carabeo beach along the shoreline. Not all visitors to the town will be aware that you can actually find some nice little sheltered coves between Calahonda and Carabeo beaches.

It was a beautiful day today, so having no mountain of Valentine cards to open, or even an ant hill, what better to do than wander along the shoreline?

Down the steps to Calahonda beach it was then and onto the beach, admiring the scenery along the way.

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At the end of the beach are the quaint little storerooms and cottage used by the fishermen, most of it built into the rock face.

nerjafeb14-051 nerjafeb14-052

Just past these is a narrow passageway and a whole new world.

nerjafeb14-025 nerjafeb14-047 nerjafeb14-048 nerjafeb14-050

nerjafeb14-049 nerjafeb14-026 nerjafeb14-027 nerjafeb14-028a

nerjafeb14-029 nerjafeb14-030 nerjafeb14-031 nerjafeb14-032

nerjafeb14-033 nerjafeb14-034 nerjafeb14-035 nerjafeb14-036

nerjafeb14-038 nerjafeb14-039 nerjafeb14-0401 nerjafeb14-041

nerjafeb14-043 nerjafeb14-044 nerjafeb14-045 nerjafeb14-046

Let’s just hope it will all come to fruition and Calahonda will be reconnected with Burriana!

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