What’s in a name?

Depends what you might have been lumbered with by unthinking parents. Or maybe they were thinking!

It’s one thing having a name which stands out, is never forgotten, but it’s an entirely different receptacle full of aquatic creatures to have one which may be a constant source of ridicule throughout your life.

A survey of British names has come up with quite a few ‘good uns’. These are all living, breathing people.

Stan Still

Tim Burr

Barb Dwyer

Justin Case

Anna Sasin

Pearl Button

Barry Cade

Doug Hole

Hazel Nutt

Chris Cross

Will Power

Teresa Green

Sonny Day

Paige Turner

Jo King

Lee King

Albert Hall and his son, Jim Hall

Mary Christmas

Terry Bull

Helen Back

Ray Gunn

Annette Curtain

Bill Board

Carrie Oakey

I was at school with someone called Robert Rabbit and a couple of years ago met someone called Abbie Wood. Also had a regular customer a few years back whose name was Plukker. Not too bad, until he told me his first name was Dik.

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