The new democracy

The Shirley Gymnastics Club comprises 214 female and 36 male gymnasts and the club has been carrying out its activities on the premises of an independent girls school in Croydon. Nothing to do with the school itself, or its pupils. The school prides itself on celebrating multicultural understanding and respect.

Which means that the gymnastic club now has to find a new home because  a small group of Muslim parents objected to the club on the grounds of the presence of boys on the premises.

The school did offer the club a later time slot when the pupils at the school would no longer be on the premises, but this wasn’t practical as the gymnastics classes would then have ended too late for some of the younger members. So they have to go.

Perhaps the club should not have been offered the use of the premises in the first place, especially if it was known that there was a minority group within the borough. Then again, perhaps, for once, the majority should actually have a say in the matter! Absurd thought, strike that.

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