On yer bike!

pedal4Another glorious day, clear blue skies and ideal for the rescheduled Dia del Pedal. A very good turnout at the Paseo Nuevo and there was every shape, size and style of bike.

Tandems, tricycles, bike taxis, sidecars and even a solar powered machine! Didn’t see a unicycle, but I’m sure there probably was one lurking in there somewhere.

The start was carried out with the usual aplomb, the long snake of bikes trying to leave as the late-comers were still arriving.

pedalstart2 pedalstart

Photos Dia del Pedal

The first accident, hardly surprising with all these bikes, was halfway down avenida Castilla Perez, nothing serious though, fortunately. A quick once-over from the paramedics accompanying the courtege and they were on their way again.

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