Party political banter

The Partido Popular spokesman, José Miguel García, stated yesterday that the Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, continues to work with the same amount of energy as when he was first elected back in 1995.

The remark was in response to a statement by the provincial secretary of the PSOE, Miguel Ángel Heredia, who said that the plans of the PP in Nerja were ‘exhausted’.

García went on to say that the PSOE no longer come to Nerja to talk for the sake of talking, but to carry out projects which are the responsibility of the regional or central government, both ruled by the Socialists. To this end, García hoped for progress on awarding contracts for the new water treatment plant or the proposed marina on the border between Nerja and Torrox.

It is only to be expected that in any municipality where one party has an absolute majority, party political rhetoric will be the general order of the day.

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